Based on Oracle


Software United Fund Accounting

System includes main features:

  •  In the system can be loaded with templates of applications for organizations of different levels;
  •  Maintain key performance indicators (metrics) application (project Grant);
  •  Objectives of the project and options for its execution in real and financial terms;
  •  The participants of the project – system provides an opportunity to reflect all the necessary information between all project participants;
  •  All administrators and key personnel the project control the execution of the project for the whole life cycle of the project;
  •  The risks and consequences of failure of the project at each stage;
  •  Characteristics of ongoing works – construction, research, training, management, production, etc.

Software United BI Material Flow Reporting for OEBS

System includes main features:

  •  Various reports concerning actual and plan movement and balances by inventory items;
  •  Global item availability report that shows shortage of materials by each date, item, demand source etc.;
  •  Shortage of materials required by repair orders;
  •  Product cost analysis by component class and code analysis;
  •  Product cost analysis by raw materials;
  •  Supply reports concerning internal requisitions/orders, on-hand quantities, purchase requisition/order, budget amounts from General Ledger;
  •  Complete item movement and balances history;

Software United UDM (PLM Unified Data Model)

Application Software United UDM is a product lifecycle management system for engineering preparation of production for Machinery and Mechanical Industry plants.

SU UDM functionality has all the necessary components for the engineering preparation of production, such as:

  • Full set of attributes of business objects within the product life cycle management (PLM);
  • Business processes within PLM for managing the system of business objects;
  • Reports and analysis of the structure and state of business objects within PLM.

Software United Accounting Reporting/HR

Solution is designed for the parallel financial report preparation, according to different standards (IFRS, Russian Accounting standards, Tax reports, management reporting etc.)

Solution main functions:

  •  Creation of enterprise reporting for the further analysis of planned and actual performance of financial and economic activity of the company;
  •  Building a system of key performance indexes of the enterprise;
  •  Creation and approval of a budget (rules and regulations);
  •  Integration with accounting and other systems using API for loading to the data warehouse;
  •  Modeling of different planned performance scenarios and preparing a well-laid-out plan;
  •  Extending the data warehouse without developer (creation of new indexes, measures through the settings);
  •  Full-featured access from mobile devices;