What is the value for ISVs and SIs?

Software United platform combines best of breed applications (IBM, Oracle) and enterprise-grade open source software (Red Hat, JBoss, Alfresco, GitHub), offering a stable and inexpensive solution for ISVs and Sis. Software United is very profitable for its users due to amazing special bids, which guarantee ISVs and SIs leading position on competitive IT market.

Nowadays investments into a platform for solution make the total cost of ownership of the entire information system really high and not affordable for many companies. The main concept of Software United is to integrate all necessary business applications and required platform software, granting huge discounts.


Software United offers discounts on software platform under solution even more than 50%!

End-to-end solutions rather than multiple pieces of different software

  • Customer purchases just one license for the entire integrated solution - all necessary licenses and subscriptions are already included, as well as enterprise-grade support for all components.

  • Customer gets just one integrated distribution - all necessary software is included, installed automatically and integrated out of the box.

  • Customer gets integrated support for the entire solution - if a customer encounters any problem, there is no need to investigate the cause. The customer just passes the problem to the Software United support and can be assured that vendors and partners work hand in hand to solve it.

Reduced deployment costs

Solutions created under Software United platform include all necessary components pre-integrated and ready to work out of the box. The entire solution can be installed easily with just few mouse clicks. All necessary operations required to make multiple pieces of software work together are performed during installation process automatically, so there is no need to check compatibility of multiple pieces of software coming from different vendors.

Reduced support costs

Solutions based on Software United platform provide integrated support. A single source of support is provided for the entire integrated platform by “support grid”.

Customers of Software United solution get support in their local language, even if ISVs/SIs cannot provide it by themselves. Software United “support grid” provides first level of support for the entire solution. Problems/Questions on system platform under solution are solved by “support grid” internally. Only if the problem/question is related to the ISV/SI part of the solution, the request is passed to the ISV/SI support service.

New strong channels to promote products and solutions

Solutions developed and based on Software United platform are promoted via VDEL partner network in Central and Eastern Europe, CIS countries and Russia, which gives ISVs/SIs great opportunity to enter completely new markets and find new business partners.