What is Software United?

Software United is an integrated platform for business solutions based on the conjunction of software products and enterprise-grade open source software.


Software United has been created and organized by VDEL in cooperation with the worldwide leading software vendors, like:

  • IBM,
  • Oracle,
  • Red Hat,
  • JBoss,
  • Alfresco and
  • GitHub.

Software United program is a business model addressed to the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and System Integrators (Sis). It has been established to offer VDEL's partners real flexibility and create common ground for developing joint solutions.

Software United business model provides companies with a number of different incentives but first of all guarantees stable, protected and competitive solutions.

Software United platform offers added value in the form of unbeatable price performance, strong brands and partner’s ecosystem behind.

Why is Software United especially important today?

Nowadays, in the more and more competitive environment, every IT department faces lots of challenges. Tight budgets, rapidly changing market demands and customer expectations, lack of skilled staff, high cost of keeping complex support infrastructure are only a few determinants of our everyday reality.

The answer to all these problems is ONE solid, complex solution for existing business processes, not multiple pieces of variable software. Our product consists of the combination of OEM products and open source applications. Literally saying VDEL integrates many different components together into a single, comprehensive platform.

In order to provide our customers with the highest level of service, we are constantly seeking for different Add-Ons that could be used with our OEM products to create one, optimal, compact solution.

We work together with experienced technology partners, developers and communities, offering attractive applications, that comply with our OEM program. Once the appropriate solution has been developed, VDEL certifies it together with the respective software vendor and promote throughout the world using its well-established channels.