G*Rich Framework

G*Rich Framework

G*Rich Framework - Framework for fast development of rich business applications with document management capabilities. Based on best practices and vast experience in building business applications.

Croz has been building business applications in various industries for last 15 years. During this time has been working with many clients and is aware of new trends in business requirements and technical solutions. While working in different industries, Croz noticed that general requirements regarding usability and functionalities proved to be very similar. Also, they learned that some technical solutions are better than the others.

G*Rich is based on proven open source solutions: Groovy, Grails, ExtJS and Spring Framework. Document management capabilities are provided through Alfresco integration module. In this way, every application built using G*Rich framework can leverage Alfresco document management functionalities.

Grails simplifies backend development by introducing Groovy programing language and “convention over configuration” concept. Grails is also a plugin platform. With more than 1000 plugins available, it is possible to extend application functionalities without additional development.

ExtJS is a JavaScript library for building rich single-page applications. Large widget set and support for both desktop and mobile devices make it an ideal choice for building robust web applications available over multiple channels.

Why people love it?

Customers love G*Rich because of its attractive user interface, graphical themes, huge widget set, keyboard support, application generator and a lot of plugins including those for integration with Alfresco ECM and BPM systems. Main features:

Speeds up development;
Standardizes applications;
Makes business applications pretty;

About Croz:
CROZ is oriented at finance and public sector as well as other large IT systems. CROZ’s services include turn-key projects or professional services including education, consulting and implementation in certain segments. Main areas of expertise include: Custom software development, Consulting; Use of Agile methodology, DevOps concept, microservices, Enterprise Architecture, Business Analytics,DWH, BI, Big Data and advanced analytics, Mainframe services; system integration and consulting, IBM Technology and Tools; system and application integration, Testing services; testing tools and Functional testing, Performance testing and Security testing, Managed Services; proactive management and system infrastructure maintenance.

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e-mail: croz@croz.net

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